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The Unfolded Why

I empower students to unfold their potential, equipping them with the skills and insights needed to be refolded into empowered leaders, fully capable of realizing their unique purpose. My approach is rooted in hands-on education, impactful partnerships, and transformative experiences, all working harmoniously to shape the leaders of tomorrow.


About Unfolded

Unfolded was born from a simple sheet of paper, initially marked by crinkles, creases, and cuts, as its Founder, Jerry Simmons, embarked on a journey to craft the world-record paper airplane, created by John Collins.

In the pursuit of creating this remarkable paper airplane, an intriguing insight emerged. Much like in leadership, our beginnings often mirror a compacted paper ball - encapsulating our ideas, values, and beliefs. However, as leaders evolve, they find themselves unfolding to uncover their unique essence. Similar to examining an uncrumpled sheet of paper, every wrinkle, fold, and cut becomes a testament to one's identity. This process culminates in a beautiful paper airplane, metaphorically representing a transformative leader who not only discovers their purpose but also creates a profound impact on others' lives. This narrative encapsulates the essence of Unfolded's inception.

"In order to be refolded into the leader you want to be, you must first be unfolded." This powerful realization made by Jerry Simmons, serves as the cornerstone of Unfolded's philosophy. It signifies that the journey towards becoming an impactful leader begins with unfolding and embracing one's unique qualities.

Subsequently, Jerry Simmons developed an enriching curriculum, complemented by immersive workshops, designed to nurture leadership skills among middle school and high school students. This dynamic approach fosters an environment where emerging leaders can thrive and flourish.

Meet Jerry Simmons

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Allow me to offer a glimpse into my own background: I am the driving force behind JRS Benefits Solutions and Unfolded LLC. As a business owner, I'm immersed in a realm where I engage with industry frontrunners on a daily basis. Fueled by my extensive nine-year tenure in educational leadership roles, I hold the utmost confidence in my ability to equip your student with the essential tools required for them to graduate as impactful leaders, well-prepared for the journey ahead.


If you haven't had the chance to dive into my underlying purpose, let me share it anew: My mission is to empower students, guiding them to unfold their potential and arming them with the skills and insights necessary to transform into empowered leaders, fully capable of realizing their unique calling. My approach is firmly grounded in hands-on education, meaningful partnerships, and transformative experiences, seamlessly intertwined to shape the leaders who will lead us tomorrow.

I want you to recognize that at Unfolded, my mission resonates deeply with me, just as I understand how crucial your aspirations are for your child. Your desire is for them to thrive beyond middle or high school, and the mentors they encounter will play a pivotal role in their success. I wholeheartedly grasp this significance. My ultimate commitment is to not only facilitate your student's success but also to guide them in cultivating a clear vision of leadership that transcends classroom confines, extending into the realms of real-world practice.



Leadership Development Programs

The Leadership Development Programs offer holistic solutions for cultivating your school's future leaders. Our founder personally engages with your school, leading interactive workshops, delivering specialized leadership training, and fostering an environment for student-led impactful projects. This immersive and personalized approach ensures a tailored experience that aligns with your school's distinct aspirations and objectives.

1:1 Mentorship

Unfolded Mentorship offers tailored leadership coaching services designed to empower individuals at any point in their life journey. Our founder, with a wealth of experience across diverse backgrounds, conducts personalized one-on-one sessions to cultivate a resilient leadership mindset. Through these engaging sessions, our founder imparts valuable insights, offers personalized guidance, and recommends enriching literature, all aimed at fostering and enhancing the individual's leadership prowess.

Our Unfolded Clients

"Your presentation, for Guest Speaker Day, was awesome and definitely was valuable to the students."

Angela Bagley, McEachern High School


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